Modul incalzire inductie 5-12V ZVS
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Modul incalzire inductie 5-12V ZVS

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Modul incalzire inductie 5-12V ZVS

Modul incalzire inductie 5-12V ZVS

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Adauga in cos produse in valoare de 120 Ron


Expediem in aceasi zi comenzile plasate pana in ora 14:00


La toate comenzile minim 300 Ron

Modul incalzire inductie 5-12V ZVS

Putere maxima: 150W la 12V (a se presta atentie la supraincalzire)

La 12V se recomanda sursa de 10A

De evitat alimentarea direct din baterie de 12V.

Asigurati-va ca este totul conectat corespunzator inainte de alimentare. Bobina este recomandat a se lipi direct pe PCB.

ATENTIE! Modulul, daca folosit incorect se poate arde cu usurinta, de aceea nu ne asumam raspunderea pentru eventuale daune la acesta in urma folosirii.

Nota producator:

When using battery and battery power supply, it must be ensured that the working voltage is above 4.5V! Do not ensure that the voltage is always above 4.5V during operation, do not use battery or battery power supply! Do not use dry battery power!
The width of the heated object should be between 1/3 and 1/2 of the inner diameter of the heating coil, and the maximum should not exceed 2/3!
The diameter of the heated object should be controlled within 20mm as much as possible. If the heating is too large, it will be difficult to heat up to red. After all, the power is limited.
Inductive heating, usually work for 5 minutes to power off cooling. Because the current is relatively large during induction heating, the coil heat is also relatively large. When heated, part of the heat generated by the heated object is transmitted to the heating coil. For a long time, the temperature of the heating coil is high. If the heating coil is connected to the terminal, the plastic part of the terminal will be melted! Therefore, it is best to solder the heating coil directly to the PCB during induction heating.
For long-term use, it is recommended to use a copper tube as a coil and cool it with water.
Blue LED power indicator, there is no electricity, you can see if the light is off!
modul inductie 5-12v zvs
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