Powerbank 18650 module, 1P, 5V and 3V output, for development
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Powerbank 18650 module, 1P, 5V and 3V output, for development boards

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The Powerbank module intended for use with Arduino, Raspberry and other development boards, which allows the connection of an 18650 cell. It has output voltages of 3V and 5V, which makes it compatible with most development boards.

The connections to 3V and 5V are made through expansion pins with spacing of 2.54mm. For each exit there are 4 such exits. The USB Female output is added, which allows charging electronics or feeding programming boards via USB cable.

The module presents a battery charge control IC, with overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and charge timeout protection. Charging is done on the dedicated MicroUSB port.


On the side there is an ON/OFF button. Once the 18650 cell is connected, it is necessary to slide the button to the ON position if you want to start the module. When charging, it is not necessary to press the button. If the 18650 cell is removed, it will be necessary to charge the module so that it can be started.


- There is no polarity protection! Reversing + with - will cause the integrated to burn.

- When removing the battery without turning off the module beforehand, the safety shutdown function can be triggered. In order to be able to use the module, it is necessary to enter the loaded.

- Respect the polarity! With 18650 cells, it can be easy to insert the batteries incorrectly. Respect the + and - signs. If the polarity is not respected, the IC will burn!


Supply voltage: 5VDC (5 - 8VDC supported)

Charging port: Micro USB

Charging current: 1A

Output voltage: 5VDC and 3VDC (real 5.3V and 3.3V)

Output current 5V: 2A

3V output current: 1A

Conversion efficiency: 95%

USB-Mother output: 5VDC, to be used with USB cable

3V output: 4 outputs

5V output: 4 outputs

Expansion output 3V and 5V: Pins

Pin spacing: 2.54mm

Standby consumption: 3uA

Battery voltage range: 3.2 - 4.2VDC

Battery alarm voltage: 3V

Short circuit protection: Yes

Overcurrent protected: Yes

Polarity protection: NO

Compatible batteries: 18650

Number of slots: 1

Dimensions mm: 100 x 30 x 21mm

24 g

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